Different Ways To Remove Body Hair- Pick the Best One

There was a time when hair removal was stringently a female activity. Unless you are a body builder, swimmer or an athlete, then chances are that your body hair is untouched and immaculate. Well, not anymore! Unwanted hair is something that both women and men detest. However, there are several different regions of the body where hair can be removed, and also several ways to remove it. So what is the best way to do it?

Whether it is waxing with strips, shaving with a razor, or epilation with an epilator, what is appropriate for you can be overwhelming. Here are some hair removal methods, so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

1. Shaving: This is a process of removing hair with the help of a sharp razor to chop the hair off at your skin’s surface. This method can be used on any body part, and is often known as the go-to method. It allows you to cover any part of your body in just one go with a shaving cream and a razor. This method works best if you have fine or thin hair.

Pros: This method is an extremely inexpensive way to completely get rid of all unwanted hair. If done correctly, it is totally painless, and can be very effective for short-term hair removal.

Cons: You may get rid off all unwanted hair, but it will just be for a few days. Hair reappears quicker than it would with other methods. This method is also not advised as a first choice for all those with extremely dark body hair. This is because you may still be able to see those tiny hair roots just below the skin. Also, you must keep in mind that since you are using a razor, you are susceptible to razor burn and cuts.

Bottom Line: If you require a quick fix for hair removal, this method will do the trick. But beware that your hair will reappear very soon, and blunt ends created by the razor can aggravate stubble.

2. Waxing: This is an age-old method of removing hair that entails applying warm wax over a region of unwanted hair, and then using a paper strip or cloth to rip hair out of the hair follicle. This method works extremely well with those with coarse or dark hair.

Pros: With this method, hair grows back very slowly as you remove each hair directly. You will be hair-free for at least two to seven weeks, depending on your personal hair growth cycle. It is also relatively inexpensive depending on whether you chose to do it at home or go to a salon.

Cons: Ouch! That is the sound everyone makes during waxing. Yes, it is extremely painful.

Bottom Line: It is a good solution for larger body parts such as, thighs, legs, underarms and arms.

3. Epilation: Out of all the other hair removal methods, this is considered by far the best. This is because the method involves removal of the entire hair, along with the part below the skin. It involves the use of an epilator, which is a mechanical hair removal device. An epilator looks similar to a regular shaver. But unlike razors that cut your hair, an epilator basically gasps your hair and pulls them out at the roots, as it moves over your skin’s surface. Epilators are extremely efficient and quick at what they do, and they have gained a good reputation amongst teenagers, women and men.

Pros: Epilators are affordable. You have to pay for it only once. Since the hair is pulled out completely by the root, it takes several weeks to grow back again. Not only does hair take weeks to grow back, but the more you use an epilator, the more you will experience that hair grows back much thinner and finer, which is not the case with any other method. Isn’t that great? Well, the good things do not stop here. Depending on what kind of epilator you purchase, you can use it on any area of the body, including your face and some other sensitive areas. An epilator can be used just about anywhere. Additionally, you can pack your epilator along with your other luggage while travelling.

Bottom Line: Epilators are very convenient to use, extremely effective and above all they are affordable.

Out of all the methods, epilation is the best. You can use your epilator whenever you feel like. Whenever you think that your skin is no longer as fine and smooth as you would want it to be- simply pick up your epilator and begin your epilation session.
Yes, it is the world of epilators now and epilators are simply awesome. So buy your epilator right away!