7 Cool Interior Design Trends for 2016


2016 interior designs are trending toward simplicity and function. This is good news for those that do not want to miss out on being stylish, but hate the thought of spending a lot of money.

Living Rooms with No Big Screens or Computers

That’s right. This quiet, breathable space is making a come back where family or company is the main attraction. Check your phones and iPads at the door because it’s time to talk.

Mixed metals in Furnishings

The presence of metal gives a change of pace to wood and plastic. Coffee tables with straight or geometric-styled metal legs combine a modern, yet natural appearance, to almost any decor. Topped with clear or tinted glass, the limited boundaries are removed. Metal pedastals are also vivid when topped with statues or plants.

Fabric Wall Art

Use material to soften or highlight walls by matching upholstery or blasting a bare space with art. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, look up fabric art or fabric walls and look at all the creative ways that material is used to make a beautiful statement. Whether framed, draped or used in a covered partition, colors and patterns of fabric are definitely in.

Flashy Pendants

Made of metal, glass or plastic, small pendants are great for bringing out light in a dark corner or adding fun when hung over a kitchen island. Different shapes that are rounded or hexagon create a floating fantasy in setting just the right mood. And the more flamboyant, the better.

Hand-Painted Pottery

The taste of old world Holland delivers classic warmth of tradition to a home. The bright blue pattern on creamy white background delivers the simplicity of country life, even in the midst of the city. Show off in a kitchen nook or present in a stylish dining room to catch attention.

Mixed Up Kitchens

The days of keeping everything in the kitchen perfectly matched, is over. Cabinets with different faces are appearing as a break from the hum-drum normalcy that was once known. Paint lower cabinets a different color from those above the counter, or cover with a textured material. Use a long Guatemalan cloth rug over floor tiles to add variety to a modern or traditional kitchen. Brightly colored weaves from around the world are popular. We found some interesting transitional kitchens in this blog post: https://www.homeserviceclub.com/transitional-kitchens-leading-design-trends/

Impressive Mirrors

Large uniquely-shaped mirrors are expected to show up in homes throughout 2016. Mirrors have always had a way of expanding space and the new trend is to make them as large and interesting as possible.

Other key design trends of a larger scale for 2016 include bidets in the bathroom, fireplaces as a focal point in living spaces, black stainless steel kitchen appliances and heated entryway floors. Think entertaining, less stuffy and more practical to get on the right foot for this new year and you will be right in style.


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